What is a weed?
Webster’s Dictionary defines a weed as a plant out of place.

What is a pre-emergent?
A pre-emergent is a surface applied liquid that stops or suppresses seed germination.

Will a pre-emergent hurt my existing plants?
It can be applied directly to existing plants with no effect at all.

What is a translocated herbicide?
A translocated herbicide is sprayed directly to weeds and travels throughout the plant including the root system.

Will a contact spray hurt my existing plants?
Yes, contact sprays kill vegetation indiscriminately. Great care must be taken to avoid over spray and drift. Contact is done only on non-windy days.

What happens to dead weeds?
They must be physically or mechanically removed. Allow two (2) weeks before removing dead weeds after contact spray. (Removal is not included with our service; contact a yard service company)

What degree of control can I expect?
No pre-emergent will stop ALL weeds from germinating. A pre-emergent bonds with the top 1 inch? of soil where most seeds germinate, however some seeds germinate as low as 4 inches, and thereby are not affected by pre-emergent. Remember that we guarantee our weed work and will come out at no charge to treat any weeds that may come up during your warranty period.

Will herbicides help control insects?

Will your products leave a staining residual?
If our products come in contact with concrete, they may leave a faint stain that will disappear in a matter of days.

Will your product hurt my pets?
Absolutely not! Herbicides have an extremely low toxicity to pets and humans alike.

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