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In Arizona, as in most parts of the country, buildings are subject to attack by a number of wood destroying organisms which can result in serious structural damage. In our part of the country, the problems are most often caused by subterranean termites.

As stated in the October 1990 issue of the Arizona Republic, "about 20 to 70 colonies of subterranean termites live in each acre of undisturbed desert land, with as many as 80,000 termites per colony." That means that where ever you build your house in Lake Havasu, chances are that your home is built over an existing termite colony. In many areas in Lake Havasu a person can easily see termite "tubes" on the surface ground devouring dead plant life and old forms of cellulose. A telephone call to any building contractor who has been in business in Lake Havasu for a number of years will confirm this fact.

Termite control is no longer an inexpensive item, but the money spent on prevention far outweighs the cost of termite eradication once the building is built. Termites strike five times as many homes as fire, and do more damage than all tornadoes, hurricanes and windstorms combined.

Building a home is the largest investment most people will ever make. Protect that investment by doing the smart thing. Call a professional pest control company and pre treat your new home. All homes pretreated by Havasu Pest Control receive a five (5) year guarantee.

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