If you, the customer, can assist us in proper preparation of your home prior to tick service, Havasu Pest Control, will provide the maximum effectiveness for your dollar.

If your home is not properly prepared, Havasu Pest Control, and its service personnel may decline to service, reschedule service, or void service guarantee.

Our products have a flushing action and do not kill the ticks upon contact. Therefore, do not be alarmed if ticks are seen 2-3 days after service. You should see more ticks as the flushing action brings them out of hiding and causes them to be exposed to the residue spray of our products.


1.  Clean & vacuum all floor surfaces. CARPET needs to be deeply vacuumed to pick up ticks and egg deposits. TILE & LINOLEUM surfaces should be swept and mopped prior to service.

2.  All floor areas should be made available for treatment. Throw rugs, pillows, and toys should be picked up. Closets should have shoes, clothing and stored items off the floor.

3.  Avoid walking barefoot on treated surfaces for approximately 2 weeks after service.

4.  If small children are in the house, have them wear long pants if they are playing on the floor for at least 1-2 weeks after service. Use a sheet to cover floor if child is in diapers, shorts, etc.

5.  Do not mop or steam cleam floors until after complete service (initial & follow-up). Then avoid mopping for at least one week, after which use just clear water. If detergent cleaner is used, it will remove our products residual and reduce effectiveness of treatment.


1.  If you have aquariums, fish bowls, etc., air pumps are to be shut off for approximately 4-6 hours and the top of the tank covered with plastic coverings. Bird and other caged pets need to be placed outside the residence or removed prior to treatment.

2.  Dog dishes, toys, etc., need to be picked up.

3.  Furniture that pets sleep on or near should be vacuumed.

1.  Remove bedding from beds and wash in 180 degrees water.

2.  If residence is to be fogged, arrange to vacate the house for no less than 3-4 hours after service.

3.  Computer keyboards and other computer equipment including processing units to be covered or removed.

4.  Your yard also needs to be prepared. If on automatic watering system, shut off system for approximately 3 days. In summer, soak yard the day before service to protect your landscaping form the heat.

5.  Payment for service is to be made at time of service unless your are an established monthly customer, in which case, it will be billed to your account.


The average tick development can take from 40-160 days from egg to mating adult. Adults remain on the host to feed and mate. After feeding, the ticks molt their skins and detach from the host. Then, they seek hidden areas to remain until the next feeding cycle. After mating on the host, the female will deposit from 1200-3000 eggs in her hidden harborage. Ticks are capable of living for extended periods after engorging. While the Brown Dog Tick is commonly found only on domestic dogs, they will attach to any warm blooded mammal, including humans. They are not known to carry Lyme Disease or Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, but they can transmit other viral or bacterial agents to the host. Therefore, it is important to thoroughly treat all harborage areas more than once.

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