For centuries pigeons have been a problem, and until now, they have been difficult to control effectively.

Now with the advent of HPC’s Pigeon Control System, the age old problem of controlling pigeons is a truly a thing of the past!

Havasu Pest Control Inc., is specially trained to ensure the proper sale, installation and maintenance of HPC’s Pigeon Control System. This highly effective system has been protecting Arizona homes and businesses for more than 20 years and has a spotless reputation for integrity and ability.

Pigeons Be Gone

Our HPC Pigeon Control System is also AFFORDABLE. Installed, our HPC Pigeon Control System is less expensive than the cost of materials alone with other methods! We also offer NO INTEREST MONTHLY PAYMENTS!

The HPC Pigeon Control System is a permanent solution to your pigeon problems. The HPC Pigeon Control System will last indefinitely with proper maintenance, and unlike other systems HPC’s Pigeon Control System is unobtrusive. By matching equipment with the mounting surface, the system tends to “blend in” with its surroundings.

HPC’s Pigeon Control System is safe to you, your family, and your customers. It is also environmentally safe and safe to the animal. We use a combination of exclusion, spikes, and a mild electric shock to discourage the animal from roosting in undesirable areas.

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