If you the customer, can assist us in the proper preparation of your home prior to Food Weevil Service,
Havasu Pest Control, will provide the maximum effectiveness for your dollar.

It is essential that the proper treatment be performed, not only to allow for maximum effectiveness, but to assure the safety of our customers. The area must be properly prepared for Havasu Pest Control’s service personnel or we may decline treatment, and reschedule until the area is properly prepared for our service.
Pupa stage of the Confused Flour Beetle, also known as Food Weevils, infestations must be treated in such a way as to effectively control the adult beetle, the eggs and the pupa. The eggs and/or weevil are commonly found in dry cereal goods and can be brought in the home directly from stores. If left untreated, and the life cycle is completed, the adult beetle will lay eggs inside the cabinets somewhere near the point of infestation. The beetle can fly so it is most effective to treat all kitchen and pantry shelves.


1. Remove all food stuffs and containers infested or suspected of being infested. Other dry goods should be
placed in clean glass or plastic containers that are capped or airtight. All future purchases of these types of food stuffs should be stored in this manner. Destroy infested food items.

2. All kitchen and pantry shelves should be cleaned out and items placed on a table, or preferably, place food in another room. DO NOT LEAVE ON COUNTERS OR UNDER SHELVES TO BE TREATED. Shelf paper
should be removed and cabinets wiped out or vacuumed prior to the treatment.

3. All pots, pans and sealed food containers should be removed from the kitchen area. Open containers or
unsealed food items should be placed in the refrigerator or oven. Pupa eggs can be destroyed by heating food
items 180-200 degrees for 3 hours or freezing them for 2-3 days.

4. If the house is to be treated by aerosol foggers, cover all toys, food dishes, fish tanks, computers, and other
sensitive equipment. Vacate the house for 3-4 hours after treatment. Pets should be removed or kept outside for the 3-4 hour period.

5. After we apply our products, please do not wipe out or wash cabinets. Line shelves with clean shelving paper and make sure all eating or drinking surfaces of items face up and away from treated surface.

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