We hate giving our customers to-do lists, but there are steps you must take to ready your home for food weevil treatment. Without careful preparation, our crew members simply can’t do their jobs. If they can’t reach certain areas, the treatment will be ineffective. Even worse, your food, dishes, food-prep surfaces and cabinets will be unsafe.

Food weevils usually come home in products from the grocery store, but infestations can also occur when food has been stored undisturbed for a long time.

These pests are partial to flour, whole grains, seeds, cereal, cornmeal and other such foods. They don’t just eat them; they live and breed inside them. Females chew their way into food particles and deposit eggs. Hatched larvae feed inside the kernels, seeds or grains until they’re fully matured. Efficient treatment must control the eggs, larvae and pupae. Since the beetles can fly, all cabinet and pantry shelves must be treated.

You can avoid having to reschedule our services by carefully following the necessary steps below.

Preparing Your Home and Kitchen

  1. Remove all foods and food storage containers that you suspect are infested. Throw out the infested foods or treat them to destroy the weevils’ eggs. You can do this by freezing the foods for two to three days or heating them at 200 degrees for three hours.
  2. Place unaffected dry goods in clean, airtight plastic or glass containers with tight-fitting lids.
  3. Completely clear all cabinet and pantry shelves. Relocate food items, dishes, pots and pans. Ideally, these items should be kept in another room during treatment. If you must use your kitchen table or countertop, make sure that all items are well covered. You may also use your refrigerator or oven as temporary storage space.
  4. Remove all shelf paper. Thoroughly vacuum and wipe all shelf surfaces.
  5. If your treatment involves aerosol foggers, completely cover all dishes, pet dishes, toys and aquariums. Cover computers and other sensitive electronics as well.

During and After Treatment

  1. Vacate the home during treatment and for three to four hours following treatment. Pets should also be removed from the premises or stay outside for several hours.
  2. It’s important that you don’t wash or wipe treated shelves. A few hours after treatment, line the shelves with new shelf paper.
  3. When you replace items, store them with the eating or drinking surfaces pointing upward. They should not come in contact with treated surfaces. For example, store glassware with the rims up.

Again, if your home isn’t made ready for safe, effective treatment, our technicians will have no choice but to reschedule the service. We know that the preparation is inconvenient, but you’ll be pleased with the results when your kitchen is weevil-free.

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