General Monthly Pest Control Service

Here at HPC we’ve been servicing homeowners and business owners in the Lake Havasu area since 1973. Owned by the Stebila family, our company provides professional pest control services that are also friendly to the environment. HPC has been a member of the Arizona Pest Control Association (APCA) and the National Pest Management Association (NPMA) for over 30 years, and we operate one of the largest independent, family-owned pest control companies in the Southwest.

Whatever the size of your project may be, it’s important to keep pests under control with monthly treatments. From single-family homes to large industrial complexes, we can stick with you every step of the way as you build a property and protect it against pests.

Pretreatment and Beyond

While there are no statutes in Arizona that specifically require builders to pretreat their structures during the building process, we highly recommend pretreatment that will keep pests like ants, spiders, and termites away. If you decide to go the pretreatment route,  both the Department of Agriculture the Office of Pest Management (AZ OPM) will require you to comply with the following treatment applications:

  • Foundation treatment
  • Sidewalk treatment
  • Carport treatment
  • RV pad treatment
  • Garage treatment
  • Entrance treatment
  • Patio treatment
  • Utility platform treatment
  • Home exterior treatment

Here at HPC, we can take care of all of these treatment applications to ensure that your property remains safe from termites and stays within regulatory standards. Once the pretreatment process is complete, we’ll make sure to stay on top of things with monthly treatments. Pests won’t give up, but neither will we. 

Pests Our Monthly Treatments Address

While you might choose to have pretreatment done solely to keep termites away, other types of pests will be attracted to your property as the construction process concludes and you start to use your building. Our monthly treatments protect your property from crickets, centipedes, beetles, spiders and most crawling insects.

The following services can be added at additional cost:

  • Bedbugs, cockroaches, ticks, and food weevils: All of these bugs like to show up after people and animals start hanging around a property.
  • Termites: Even after the construction process is complete, termites will continue trying to eat the wooden parts of your structure.
  • Other bugs: Our monthly treatments also protect your property from crickets, centipedes, beetles, spiders and most crawling insects. 
  • Critter control: When you’re having problems with wildlife, we’ve got your back.

Safe Alternative Treatments

We understand the importance of the health of your employees and family. That’s why we only use safe alternative treatments to get rid of pests. Our treatments kill insects where they nest, last indefinitely, have no odor, and leave behind no toxic residues.

Make Pests a Thing of the Past with HPC

Here at HPC, we take a comprehensive approach to pest control that gives our customers ultimate peace of mind. Building a home or a commercial structure is a huge investment, and you’ll need to protect your property with pest control that keeps up with the relentless encroachment of critters and bugs. Trust as us at HPC to get rid of pests while keeping your family or employees safe; call us at 928-855-1054 for a FREE estimate today!

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