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From cockroaches to centipedes, all sorts of threats lurk on your property, so it’s important that you are vigilant. However, no matter how attentive and determined you are to catch pesky intruders, an infestation can still develop in your home. With their destructive behavioral patterns and nesting habits, pests can wreak havoc on furniture and on structural elements.

They can also ruin your peace of mind. For this reason, the licensed professionals at HPC want to provide you with a long-term solution. Our tried-and-true services will go a long way toward protecting your lovely indoor environment.

Residential Pest Control

If your residence has been invaded by any creepy crawlers or rodents, help is on the way. We have the essential skills and the required experience to restore your home to a safe haven. Every technician at our company is committed to doing an outstanding job. This explains why we only use state-of-the-art technologies and tools that are proven effective against pests.

As your go-to pest control company, HPC is ready and willing to fulfill your needs. We work hard to solve problems because we want homeowners to rest easy at night. In an effort to prevent future infestations, we will take the time to call attention to the main entry points so that you can get them sealed up as soon as possible.

Weed Control Service

If you are tired of coming across undesirable plants, let us stop them from growing. The job is easy for us because managing the growth of weeds is one of our specialties. Although weed control is hardly an exact science, you can rest assured that we will do high-quality work. Our applications are able to stop most indigenous seeds from germinating.

After we treat your property, we have zero doubts that you will be satisfied with the results. We are confident that you will approve of our approach to customer service because HPC has a quality-control program that you will benefit from as a first-time customer. Without any hassles, you can depend on us to re-apply a post emergent/weed killer on any weeds that spring up during the warranty period.

Termite Control

Termites do not care about your home, so they will continue to chew their way through any cellulose in a structure that they can reach. Thankfully, this is only possible if you just stand idly by.

Turn to us instead, and we will protect your home from sustaining further damage. Our technicians are successful in treating termite problems because they strive for excellence without fail.

Over the years, we have helped countless homeowners win the fight against termite colonies, especially the subterranean species. When we show up at your home, our focus will be on pinpointing the infestation and eradicating the threat. We are trained to tackle the entire treatment process with speed, care and diligence. That is why we believe we are the best company for the job.

Look No Further Than HPC

Your home is where you deserve to live and sleep in peace, so why let any outdoor critters take up residence in the attic or behind a wall? We will gladly come to the rescue and deal with your pest-related concerns. Call us today if you want to receive a free estimate for our services.

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