“We had service with these guys for almost 3 years (until we moved). John was out Tech and let me tell you, Great Customer Service.  Very Professional and Polite.  Highly appreciated him and Highly recommend this company.” – Ed S.

“This place was great,  walked in asked some questions,  they said they could come right over,  they did and completely put me at ease,  they looked at my concern and said there was no problems in the home.  I’m so grateful to them. What a great business.  I’m proud to know there is still a business around that’s willing to help people and take their concerns serious and immediately.  Thank you pray” – Lynn G.

“JP is the best pest control in the whole Mohave county. Very courteous, He always calls before coming by. He always makes sure that the yard is secure after by locking the gate behind him. He is a true blessing for us. Thank you Havasu Pest control.” – Judy N.

“My appointment with Havasu Pest Control today was the best service I have received in Lake Havasu for a long time.  Stephen was on-time, courteous and professional.  He explained their new product and treated my house right on the spot.  He also had his paperwork in order and knew I was under a warranty plan, which I had totally forgotten.  Getting old can be a bummer but Havasu Pest Control had me covered.  Thanks Stephen!” – Cindy C.

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