Pre-Emergent product is a suppressant. Contact product is a systemic.

These are two separate services, and work independent of one another.

Pre-emergent (suppressant): The pre-emergent product creates a bond with the first few inches of top soil and stops the seed from germinating (sprouting). What a pre-emergent will not do is stop a ‘sprouted’ seed below the soil not yet seen, from continuing to grow. Some seeds will germinate as deep as four inches and will not be affected by a pre-emergent. Pre-emergent product is effective for 6 months. After 6 months one rain can cause seeds to grow.

Contact (systemic): Trans locates, or moves throughout the weed system and into the root system killing the weed down to the root. A contact application keeps working until the weed is dead. It will not grow back so long as the weed is not pulled before the product has reached the root system.

I want no weeds, ever…With our semi annual (every 6 month) service we will do a pre-emergent to suppress seed germination and contact on any existing weeds. This service is guaranteed. We only guarantee semi annual service.

Initial Weed Service

Both these services need to be done with your Initial (first) weed service to activate the guarantee. We will come out to do a quality control approximately 30 days after both services completed to check for weeds that may have been below the one inch top soil and have germinated and grown. Contact and pre-emergent may not be done on the same day. Different products, different conditions needed to apply. After your Initial service is complete and your quality control is done, it is up to you, our customer, to call if weeds come up between services.

Remember, weed control is not an exact science. The pre-emergent product will stop 90% of weeds that grow in our area and pre-emergent product is only effective for a 6 month period.
But…If you have semi annual (6 month) service we will come back to your home until the weeds are gone. Guaranteed!

“Why do I have to call if I have weeds, don’t you check?”

We only check 30 days after your initial service. We depend on you to call if you see a weed pop up. We could check today, and a weed could pop through tomorrow. Remember, we need you to call if you have weeds!

“If your service is so good, why not guarantee weed control for everyone?”

Remember, the pre-emergent product is effective for only 6 months, after 6 months one rain can cause seeds to grow. We can not control the seeds from spreading from area to area; we can stop germination with regular pre-emergent application.

Stop! Don’t Pull Those Weeds!

Pulling weeds, spreads seeds!

If you don’t remove 100% of the weed it will grow back, even if you leave just a small part of the root.

So, you pulled all your weeds and want only a pre-emergent service?

Remember, a pre-emergent will only stop seeds from germinating. If you left any root system at all and receive just a pre-emergent service we have just watered all those roots to help your weeds grow back! No new seeds will grow. But, all your pulled weeds may grow back.

“But I only want on-call, or annual pre-emergent weed service.”

You can have on-call or annual pre-emergent weed service, but it is without our 6 month service guarantee. If you have existing weeds and want a contact service application along with your on-call or annual weed service there will be an additional charge.

Pre-emergent and contact are independent services with two separate modes of action.

If you didn’t call to set up your semi annual service, but now have weeds and want your service without having to pay an additional charge for weeds, don’t worry! You can call us anytime between your semi annual (6 month) service to have contact done on weeds that have popped up, no charge.

If you have chosen to be contacted by letter every 6 months, we can not do the service until we hear from you. If you neglect to call us to provide permission to service and you are well past your 6 months, there can be additional charge for existing weeds.

Remember! Pre-emergent product is effective for only a 6 month period and our guarantee is for service within the 6 month period.

If your company did not service within the 6 months even though you called and gave permission to service, we still will honor our guarantee and you will not be penalized because our service men are behind on jobs. We are subject to weather, truck failure, and illness as any company and try to keep on schedule.

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