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Initial Service

Initial service consists of Outside and Inside service.

Outside Service: shall consist of barrier around the residence using liquids (if applicable), baits, granules and monitors depending upon the type of pest problems you are having.

Inside Service: shall consist of baseboard application, crack and crevice, bait or granule application to the interior of the home, storage and garage depending upon the type of insect problems.

The type of method of residential treatment shall be at the discretion of the service personnel to treat the residence in the safest, most effective manner available.

Monthly Outside Service

This shall consist of applying products to the outside areas as stated in “Outside Service” above.

Full Yard Service: If a customer requests full yard service, an additional fee shall be charged according to the time, materials used, and size of property which shall be determined by the service technician upon inspection of the area.

Return Service: (Call Back Service*) occurs when problems or infestations occur between monthly service calls. Return service shall be made at the customer’s request. Inside Service is not considered part of a call back or return service for an outside problem.

FREE call backs apply to monthly service customers only. No call backs will be made WITHIN 7 DAYS of last service date.

This allows time for our products to have maximum effect. Callbacks within 7 days of the next scheduled monthly service will be charged to the customer as their regular monthly service. Treatment of service method shall be at the discretion of service personnel to effectively treat the problem in the specific areas needed. Specialized treatment of products used will be charged at normal rates (i.e. total release aerosols, glue traps, etc.)

Inside Service

This shall consist of services as indicated under ‘Initial Service’ and will include the interior (as done at time of initial service).

Inside Service: Will be done at customers request for an additional fee. The request should be made at the time of monthly outside service, or upon notification to HPC, an appointment can be scheduled to coincide with regular monthly service which will result in a lower inside service fee. If inside service is requested other than at regular monthly service times, a minimum service fee shall be charged that will be equal to the normal monthly outside service fee instead of the regular inside service fee.

Request for service to garage, storage or laundry rooms at time of monthly outside service, will be charged at a minimum rate of $4 for the average storage room, laundry room, or garage. These charges will be added to the normal monthly rate and shall be determined by the service technician depending upon time and products used.

One Time Service

One Time Service is available and comes with a 30-day FREE call back service for target pest only.

Special Services

General Pest Control services are for the most common insects found in this area. However, ticks, roaches, bedbugs, food weevils, bees, wildlife, etc. require special service. These jobs are by BID ONLY, requiring an additional fee.

Weather Methods

Rain: The materials we use are designed to bond with the exterior surfaces and should remain effective in the advent of rain.

Wind: On high wind days we may choose to use granular and spot applications with low pressure equipment in lieu of power spraying in order to avoid drift.

HPC offers pest CONTROL but not necessarily TOTAL ELIMINATION and therefore assumes no responsibility for bites, or related injuries from insects, spiders, scorpions, bees, wasps, etc.

Our goal is the SATISFACTION of our customers. Our Monthly Customer Service includes FREE call backs* for target pests. Please contact our office or your serviceman if you feel you have any problems that need our attention.

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