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Weed control like pest control is not an exact science. The material we use will stop 90% of all indigenous seeds from germinating. This is why WE GUARANTEE** our weed service FOR A FULL SIX MONTHS. All of our initial service customers will receive, at no extra charge, a follow up service approximately 30 days after the initial service. You do not need to call for this service; it is part of our Quality Control Program. After this 30 day Quality Control check; your weed control service is guaranteed for an additional 5 MONTHS! If you have any weed problems during this time frame, simply call and we will come out at NO CHARGE to you and perform any necessary spot treatments.

Our goal is the satisfaction of our customers.

Helpful_HintsIf we apply a contact spray to your existing Guaranteedweeds, DO NOT remove them for at least two (2) weeks, thereby allowing the material to translocate to, and kill the root system.

If we apply a pre-emergent spray to your yard and it rains heavily, shortly thereafter, do not be concerned. Additional water helps flush the material through your rock yard and into the soil where seeds germinate.

For effective weed control results a pre-emergent should be used every six (6) months. To wait longer will result in poor control.

A pre-emergent will control the growth of most weeds but not ALL weeds. If you have any questions or problems contact your service tech by calling our office.

** - Guarantee valid only with contact and pre-emergent application agreement

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