Life is good in Lake Havasu City, but nothing is perfect. Like many local residents, you may struggle to keep your home free of pests like termites, crickets and ants—and keeping your yard clear of weeds and other unwanted growth. For nearly 50 years, Havasu Pest Control, Inc. has been the name to trust for effective, affordable and reliable pest control, weed control and a variety of other essential services. Locally owned and operated, we are among the largest independently owned pest control companies in the southwest, and we are ready to help whenever you need us.

Residential Pest Control

Nothing is worse than realizing that pests are underfoot in your home.

Whether you’ve seen the telltale “tubes” made by subterranean termites, casings left behind by cockroaches or other signs of an infestation, it is critical to act quickly. Unfortunately, conventional do-it-yourself measures tend to do little more than temporarily reduce the issue. For effective, long-term control, professionals like Havasu is a must.

Termite Services

Pests have a long track record of invading businesses and damaging equipment

Residential termite services that combine routine inspections, expert insight, and professional-grade treatments can safeguard your property, your well-being, and your wallet by preventing termites from invading your home and causing expensive property damage. You can prevent all of these problems by working with the professional exterminators at Havasu.

Weed Control

Have unsightly weeds and other plant growths made it impossible for you to enjoy time in your own yard?

Out-of-control weeds destroy a home’s appeal, making it look run-down and untidy, but finding the time to keep everything in order is no easy feat. Our treatment effectively stops 90 percent of indigenous seeds from germinating, drastically cutting back on the number of plants that are able to thrive. We offer competitively priced weed control services that are backed up by an ironclad guarantee.