Lake Havasu City, AZ Pest Control

Lake Havasu is the preferred playground of families and retirees across the American West. The desert oasis town lures many people by its sunny skies, freshwater beaches and friendly atmosphere. Over 52,000 people call Lake Havasu home and also the snow birds who migrate there yearly to take possession of local vacation rental properties join them. Is there trouble in paradise, however? If your household or rental property is plagued with some of the area’s common pests, there is. At Havasu Pest Control, Inc., we deliver solutions that combat these top pests that cause trouble for homes and businesses in Lake Havasu.


While you may imagine termites eating through wood in humid areas such as America’s southern states, much of Arizona is home to large colonies of subterranean termites. According to researchers, there are about five termite colonies per acre of Arizona land. These termites live beneath the soil, but they surface to eat wood and other organic materials. Homes and
businesses incur high repair bills as these pests chew through wood framing and drywall. Periodic property inspections let you know if your home or business is at risk for termite damage. If termites are a problem, call HPC to assess your property and implement an effective solution before these pests cost you money.


Sanitation for your home or business is a priority. You lead an active lifestyle and you’re too busy to get sick. If you have a roach infestation in your home, your risk of illness rises dramatically. These pests also show up in businesses such as restaurants, warehouses and medical facilities. Their presence in these organizations creates sickness and destroys brand reputations. Roaches often feed on garbage and human waste. The average roach typically carries over 30 species of bacteria that could cause issues like food poisoning and respiratory infections. While roaches are particularly hard to eliminate, we can help. HPC offers integrated pest management solutions that deliver safe, effective results. We’ll show you how to remove the food and water sources of roaches and seal areas where they gain entrance. These steps prepare the structure for treatment.

Bed Bugs

Many Lake Havasu residents love to travel, but frequent trips abroad have drawbacks. One of them is the transport of bed bugs. Bed bugs are parasitic insects that feed on blood and often hide in bedding, upholstery and clothing. Hotels, homes, college dorms, hospitals, movie theaters and restaurants are just some of the places where you’ll find these annoying pests. At HPC, we help you to get rid of bed bugs that cause uncomfortable itching and skin rashes. Contact us today to get started on your path to freedom from bed bugs.

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